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GMV is the biggest producer of assemblies for hydraulic elevators (lifts) in the world.
More than 800.000 elevators in the world are equipped with GMV hydraulics.

GMV has been existing for more than 55 years. The Swedish company DEVE, taken over by GMV in 1993, has been operating in Scandinavia since the 30s of the XX century. We have many years’ experience in design, production and lift advisory. GMV, and earlier DEVE, is an author of many original and unique technical solutions that give a technological advantage of our lifts over competitor’s offers. Moreover, GMV is the only company in the world that produces both, hydraulic lifts and electric ones with own original drives. Just from this results our unusual freedom of selection of a proper solution for further user. Simply, we propose architects, designers and investors such a lift as they need and not, how great majority of producers, what is within a reach of their narrow offer. GMV belongs to a very narrow elite, which finds new directions for the development of elevator industry. It is worth trusting in us.


GMV is a producer of lifts of loads from 250 to 12,500 kg, however our logo is unnoticeable by users. It results from our strategy: we are a producer and supplier of high quality products to thousands of lift companies in the whole world (including the largest world concerns) that offer lifts to final users, but under their own trade mark. Thanks to it, GMV can concentrate on the production of subassemblies and lifts as well as on broad support provided to the architects and designers. GMV lift users, thanks to our local representatives, obtain broad support consisting in lifts assembly and maintenance as well as 24h service. This strategy that has been successfully for years we call GLOCAL: GLOBAL producer and LOCal support.

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